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I’m a PhD candidate at the Department of Sociology at Columbia University.

My research

My work focuses on inequality and stratification, with a special interest in school segregation and the connection between educational systems and labor markets. I work on segregation measures, and I am the author of a couple of R packages. I am interested in computational methods and reproducible research.

Recent Publications

Benjamin Elbers. A Method for Studying Difference in Segregation Levels Across Time and Space. Sociological Methods and Research, forthcoming.

Benjamin Elbers, Thijs Bol, and Thomas A. DiPrete. 2020. Training Regimes and Skill Formation in France and Germany: An Analysis of Change between 1970 and 2010. Social Forces, forthcoming.

Mathijs de Vaan, Benjamin Elbers, and Thomas A. DiPrete. 2019. Obscured transparency? Compensation benchmarking and the biasing of executive pay. Management Science.

Jan Paul Heisig, Benjamin Elbers, and Heike Solga. 2019. Cross-national differences in social background effects on educational attainment and achievement: absolute vs. relative inequalities and the role of education systems. Compare.

Working Papers

Benjamin Elbers. 2020. Orthogonal Polynomial Contrasts and Applications to Age-Period-Cohort Models, SocArXiv Working Paper.

  • see also this R package, which contains two example analyses